I have just been filming some "How To Play" videos of scales, tips etc for the March update in the Scales Library, and at the end I was having loads of fun messing around with the scales that I had just filmed.

Scales are not, as the younger me used to think, an instrument of torture designed to suck the life out of any aspiring musician! It can be hard work learning them, but they give you great skill and fluency across your instrument. And most importantly, they are great tools to use in practising playing creatively.

I love messing around with a scale, trying to come up with simple melodies and generally exploring what I can create. Check out the video below to see a little bit of me doing just that...

Keep watching the SAXOPHONE Studies space, as there's loads more video courses planned for through the year, including one on how to learn scales, how to play them fluently and how to use them to be creative.