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In the last couple of articles I’ve told you about my journey from out of shape to gig ready, but there’s one bit I didn’t tell you about.

In case you missed the start to this story, you can read it here

Actually, this probably isn’t new to many of you but it is worth mentioning.

In my first gig back after my holiday I had to do a combination of playing by ear and reading written parts.

The band were kind enough to send me some music in advance (which often doesn’t happen), so of course I had a look at it.

But bear in mind I was carefully building up my embouchure strength, I didn’t want to “waste” time in playing the music as I needed all the time I had to work at my core strength exercises.

So what did I do?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, I did practice the music but without actually playing it. I used a metronome and I went through the finger positions, singing it in my head.

I know that I’ve mentioned this type of practice to you all before, but it really is a useful skill to try - obviously especially useful in the situation I was in. I was able to practice reading, practice timing and to work my fingers.

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Have a great week :)