Introduction To The Series

In this 2nd series of Beginner Saxophone Lessons the focus is upon taking your first steps in learning to read music.

It is possible to play music to the highest level without being able to read a note. However, if you have this skill it can make things much easier and help you to get to where you want to be musically much more quickly.

In the course there are 5 pieces. I go through the 1st piece in depth, showing you how to read the music in a step by step way.

We then look at how to practise playing that "in time" - with the correct note lengths and rhythms. The next step is to play the piece with a backing track that I have created. And the final step is to play it with the piece and to try some improvising too.

The idea is that you then use the skills practised learning the 1st piece to learn the four remaining pieces. To help with this there are videos where I demonstrate

  1. how they sound,
  2. how to play them with accompaniment
  3. and how to improvise on them.

Before You Get Started

Before any of that though, there are a few basic bits of music theory knowledge that you need to know about. So, watch the next three videos to get genned up!

Complete and Continue