Learning The Chord Notes

In the Learn To Improvise, Series 1 course we just used one scale per piece to improvise, and this pretty much works.

However, if you play the specific chord notes of the piece, rather than just one scale, then what you play can sound much more accurate.

Before you can do that you need to know the chord notes! We're going to start with a 12 bar Blues.

To start learning the chord notes I'd like you to play through the sequence, playing the relevant chord notes in each bar.

This gets you used to

  • the finger positions
  • the sound of the chords
  • the sound and feel of the structure of the chord sequence.

Go to the next section to hear an example of me playing through the chord notes along with the backing track. Then you start to practise it too.

The backing track and pdf resources are in the next section.

By all means work at it without a backing at first, but the goal is to be able to play through the chord changes (as in my example) with the backing track.

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