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  Watermelon Man

View below a jazz etude that I have written over 32 bars for this tune. Working through this should be a great study exercise for you.

If you wish, you may also download and print it off, though I do ask you to respect the principle of copyright and not reproduce my original work.

There are two versions of the accompanying backing track;

  1. the actual speed
  2. a slower version - to help out if it is too fast initially.

Help With The Reading?

I hope that you enjoy working through this, if you get stuck then I highly recommend using my Perfect Practise Method:

The Backing Tracks

The Sheet Music

Note - there is a second version of the Bb part with some of the high note sections transposed down an octave.

Watermelon Man - solo studies - Eb.pdf
Watermelon Man - solo studies - Bb.pdf
Watermelon Man low - solo studies - Bb.pdf

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