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  Watermelon Man

Below is a jazz etude that I have written over this tune. Working through this should be a great study exercise for you.

You can find the following resources on this page:

  1. Video of my example.
  2. Mp3 audio file of my example.
  3. Mp3 backing tracks (original speed & slow version).
  4. Sheet music in both Eb & Bb. There are two versions on the Bb part, one high and one low. If you're not as confident in the upper register then the low version will definitely be for you!

Copyright: If you wish, you may download the sheet music and audio files, though I do ask you to respect the principle of copyright and not reproduce my original work.

More Help? I hope that you enjoy working through this, if you get stuck then I highly recommend using my Perfect Practise Method, CLICK HERE to view it.

The Video & Audio Examples

The Backing Tracks

There are two versions of the accompanying backing track;

  1. the actual speed
  2. a slower version to help out if it is too fast initially.

The Sheet Music

Note - there is a second version of the Bb part with some of the high note sections transposed down an octave.

Watermelon Man - solo studies - Eb.pdf
Watermelon Man - solo studies - Bb.pdf
Watermelon Man low - solo studies - Bb.pdf

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