5 Tips To Embellish A Melody

Add Soul and Style to your playing.


"I am a retired educator of 33 years as a high school teacher. I like to believe I know what good teaching looks like. Your instruction is excellent!"

- Ken Rayner (USA)

Ever played a tune with all the right notes and rhythms, but you just can’t make it sound like the players you hear on records?

Want your playing to have more character, style and emotion?

If that’s you, then this course is going to show the way forward to solving those problems.

Learn 5 core techniques to embellish a melody.

Each technique is taught in an easy to follow, step by step way.

Learn tried & tested exercises for practising each technique to make it part of your practise routine.

The techniques you will study are

  • Saxophone Dynamics
  • Saxophone Vibrato
  • Saxophone Note Bends
  • Saxophone Grace Notes
  • Saxophone Growling

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"It is a privilege to be taught by such a fine musician"

- Simon Marshall (France)

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"Matthew's easy way of breaking things down into the basics really helped me to understand. I now use many of his explanations in my own teaching and would happily recommend his tutorials to pupils of any standard."

- Beccy Bernamont (UK) Director of the Warwickshire Youth Jazz Orchestra

"In a very short space of time Matthew's raised my abilities and confidence beyond anything I ever expected!"

- Dave Foy (UK)


How Did This Course Come About?

I have taught so many lessons where I'll demonstrate a tune and then the pupil will say,

"What did you do on that note there?"

"How do I make it sound like you?! I'm playing the same notes as you, but it just doesn't sound as good!"

Well, I thought it was time to share the answers with the SAXOPHONE Studies community - if you know something good, you should shout about it, right?

"I have benefited immensely from the techniques Matthew uses"

- John Cook (UK)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for all saxophones?
Can I download the videos?
They are not available to download but can be streamed online on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.
Can I read the lessons as well as watch videos?
Yes! Each video is also accompanied with written notes too.
I don't know any music theory, does that matter?
Absolutely not! In the course, everything that you need to know will be explained to you in a clear, step by step series of videos & written notes.
What if I am unhappy with my purchase?
Due to the instant-access nature of the course, all sales are final.