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Learn Saxophone The Creative Way

with saxophonist & educator, Matthew Smith.

Creativity, improvisation and self expression have always been at the core of Matthew's teaching practice which has consistently been described as innovative, exemplary and outstanding.

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  • technical tips for saxophonists
  • how to play blues scales on saxophone
  • how to play major scales on saxophone
  • how to play minor scales on saxophone well as

  • sheet music for scales
  • transcribed saxophone solos
  • backing tracks for the study pieces and all the scales

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"A lesson with Matthew goes beyond tuition and learning, it is an inspiration. I already feel transformed by his brilliant approach."

- Ed Norman

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"A brilliant teacher, Matthew has a wealth of knowledge, especially about jazz, and I have benefited immensely from the techniques he uses"

- John Cook

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Courses Included...

YouTube Resources
Transcriptions, backing tracks, sheet music & written guidance for my YouTube Lessons.
Matthew Smith
Free Resources Library
scales...backing tracks...sheet music...technical tips
Matthew Smith
Learn To Improvise - series 1
The easy way to learn improvisation. Begin now and you'll be improvising in minutes!
Matthew Smith
Cool Jazz Studies, volume 1
10 original jazz study pieces for Bb & Eb saxophone
Matthew Smith
Saxophone SUPER FOOD Practise Routine
essential 10 minute saxophone practise routine
Matthew Smith
3 Steps To Scale Heaven
Learn to make scales fun. Explore your creativity. Develop your technique & control.
Matthew Smith
Beginner Alto Saxophone Lessons
With 58 videos this is the ultimate video series to learn saxophone online the Creative Way.
Matthew Smith
Members Library
Technical :: Creative :: Invaluable
Matthew Smith
5 Essential Tips To Improve Your Sound On The Saxophone
Improve your tone & sound more like you!
Matthew Smith
the Perfect Practise Method
Matthew Smith
5 Essential Tips To Improve Your Sound On The Saxophone
Matthew Smith
How To Sound Instantly Bluesy On The Saxophone
Find your Inner Blues Musician
Matthew Smith
Example Solos
Listen to your tutor laying it down in different styles...
Matthew Smith

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"I had never a teacher and always used online courses to learn the instrument. Because of that I really used most of the bigger online schools that are around in the internet, and I can tell you that yours are the best for me.

It is the music style that you cover that appeals to me. I love blues and jazz and I am currently working through your Learn To Improvise, Series 1 course. The combination of the tracks you are using (all 5) and the impro part is awesome.

So, after a long way in online courses I am so happy that I found your site!

- Thomas Kuepper

Your Instructor

Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith

Matthew is a UK based saxophonist & educator. He has been playing professional gigs throughout the UK and in Europe since his early teens and has a thriving teaching practice. His pupils' ages range from 8yrs-80yrs, and their standards span from beginner to professional.

In his early career, Matthew got tips and advice from various musicians which really helped him develop his playing. The creation of SAXOPHONE Studies is a way of him continuing this tradition of sharing the knowledge.

For Matthew, music is a vehicle for creativity and expression, because of this he has always been drawn to improvisation, jazz and blues - although, any soulful music has his attention!

"It is a privilege to be taught by such a fine musician"

- Simon Marshall

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the purchase?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Is this for all saxophones?
Yes. Resources are provided in both Bb and Eb - this covers soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones.
What's the difference between the Members Library & the FREE Resources Libraries?
The Members Library has loads more stuff in it - simple as that!

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