Saxophone SUPER FOOD Practice Routine

Essential practice to massively boost your sound, control & technique.

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"This is great stuff - very powerful exercises, and what I really like is that this is something that a beginner can try without getting overwhelmed, while at the same time really kick your ass if you are an advanced player!"

- Doron Orenstein, Former Member of Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

Love playing the saxophone but don’t know what to focus on to boost your sound, develop your control and just generally motor forwards?

The 5 "Super Foods" in this routine are what has made a massive difference to my saxophone playing.

These core techniques are what I practise regularly to keep in shape and to continue my journey towards an amazing saxophone sound!

I’m Matthew Smith, a professional saxophonist with twenty years teaching experience, and I’m about to show you how you can make great strides towards creating an incredible sound.

And the best bit? As with all saxophone practice, you can spend hours on this... but it can also condense down into a 10 minute practise routine.

And by focusing on the core techniques that will move your saxophone playing forward, you’ll build a habit for picking your instrument up every day, and continually develop as a player, even if you don't have much time.

What is the Saxophone SUPER FOOD Practice Routine?

The Saxophone SUPER FOOD Practice Routine is an instant access online course for saxophonists of all levels, who are looking for a tried-and-tested practice routine that yields massive results.

The course is broken down into a series of short yet highly effective mini-lessons, focussing on five essential areas - or Super Foods:

  • The Mouthpiece
  • Tuning
  • Harmonics/Overtones
  • Scales
  • Improvisation

Each mini-lesson contains a practical exercise and step-by-step coaching tips for practising it, as well as a video demonstration so you’ll know exactly what you’re aiming for.

When you have worked through the course, you can then use the techniques learnt to make up your regular routine that contains each of the Super Foods.

Through regular and consistent practice –– even for just ten minutes a day –– you’ll quickly start to see improvements in your airflow, breath control, embouchure, tuning, fluency, manual dexterity, timing, groove, and of course, your creativity.

"I have been learning a lot from you. For this reason, everyone has been complimenting me on how my playing the sax has improved."

- Jean Elysee (USA)

Meet Your Tutor

Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith

Hi! I’m Matthew Smith, the owner of SAXOPHONE Studies, where sax players come to learn how to create incredible sounds.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the sound the saxophone makes. From the first time I heard Coleman Hawkins 'growl', I just knew I had to enter this amazing world of sound.

I picked up a saxophone for the first time in 1992, started performing professionally in 1994, and have been teaching since 2000.

Since opening the doors to my online classroom, I’ve had the great pleasure of connecting with adults at all stages of their saxophone playing journey. Some already play, others are returning to their practise after a 20, 30, or 40+ year hiatus, while others are following an unexplainable desire to pick up the instrument for the very first time.

My goal is to break learning to play the saxophone down into simple, step-by-step lessons that develop your technique at the same time as building your confidence.

"A lesson with Matthew goes beyond tuition and learning, it is an inspiration. I already feel transformed by his brilliant approach."

- Ed Norman (UK)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for all saxophones?
Yes! The techniques in this course apply to all saxophones and all saxophonists!
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Who is this course for?
The Saxophone SUPER FOOD Practise Routine is for players of all ages and stages. Regardless of where you’re at in your playing, this simple, highly effective, and adaptable routine will massively help your sound and control, and get you practising for at least ten minutes a day.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and, when you do you finish? Well, these SUPER FOODS are fundamental to you developing and continuing to produce a great sound on the saxophone. So, you will work through the course initially but you will then use the techniques learnt to create a regular practise routine. This course is not a ‘one watch then it’s over’; this course will help you to develop your playing starting from today for the rest of your playing life.
Can I download the videos?
They are not available to download but can be streamed online on any device. You can download any accompanying PDFs & mp3s.
What if I am unhappy with my purchase?
Due to the instant-access nature of the Saxophone SUPER FOOD Practise Routine, all sales are final.